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SMART SCREENING technology to suit your business needs.

 Enterprise using an
ATS Platform

"Every applicant matters"

Enterprises using an ATS get hundreds of applicants to a job.

Imagine you have 400 applicants to a job. How do you know applicant number 258 is the right one?


Recruiters can now automate their initial screening using the power of contextual match with our product.

Use our API integration and find the best suited candidates at the click of a button.

Computer Programming

Recruitment Agency

"Happier clients because you send better assessed CVs"

Our web product leverages the power of generative AI to help NON ATS using Recruitment agencies to screen resumes effortlessly.

Get deep insights about each candidate by just uploading the job description and the resumes you want matched.

Early Business
"Equip your recruiter with context"

Early business founders and leadership teams have to attract talent with varied skills but most importantly those who understand the early business context of the industry.

Our web product adds immense value to the recruiter by doing all the context matching for them. It also helps them by giving them personalised probing questions for each candidate.

Business meeting

Staffing Company
"Faster closures, better billing"

At the core of any staffing business is its ability to find the RIGHT CANDIDATE for its clients FAST.

Leverage the power of SMART SCREENING to evaluate candidates at the click of a button. Recruiters get in-depth insight about the candidate so they are prepared even before calling the candidate.

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